Monthly Archives: August 2011

Snippet, the second half

And what are you call­ing your­self these days?” he said. “Some­thing Amer­i­can, yeah? To go with that bloody accent?” “I could talk Lanky if it makes you feel bet­ter.” “God, no,” he said. “I wouldn’t under­stand what the hell you were say­ing. But really, what is that? It’s like you have a grudge against the […]

Another snippet from the long con

Some­one did not quite slam a pint glass on the table in front of me; foamy ale sloshed out of the glass and soaked the cheap coaster. I looked up to see Atlas sit­ting in the booth across from me. He grinned and toasted me with a glass of some­thing that was nearly black. “Cheers, […]

E-mail notification

I’m exper­i­ment­ing with Subscribe2, an e-mail noti­fi­ca­tion ser­vice that will auto­mat­i­cally notify you (at the e-mail you used to reg­is­ter, or your update e-mail if that has changed) of any new posts at this blog. Since the blog is updated infre­quently this will avoid your hav­ing to check back to see if anything’s new. A […]