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The meeting, second half

I gen­tly pushed Valentin ahead of me. He plod­ded duti­ful­ly after Petrakos and I trailed after him. Adren­a­line made my hands shake. I took deep, slow breaths, will­ing myself to calm. I can hurt and kill when I have to, but I am not a brute like Valentin; the fear I had pushed off in […]


The wind was mov­ing faster as I fol­lowed Valentin through unfa­mil­iar streets. We were rac­ing the sun­set, the air grow­ing cold and mov­ing faster as the light ebbed. I turned up my col­lar. I’ve been to Rus­sia more times than I can recall and yet the cold always sur­pris­es me. The traf­fic on the sidewalks […]