Usage of illustrations and tables into the text of a program work

Usage of illus­tra­tions and tables into the text of a pro­gram work

What­ever kinds of illus­tra­tive mate­r­ial you uti­lize when you look at the course work, make cer­tain to develop it properly.

Rules for the uti­liza­tion of pictures

Pic­tures (draw­ings, charts, dia­grams, com­puter print­outs, pho­tographs) should always be put into the job right after the writ­ten text in which they’ve been men­tioned the very first time, or in the page that is next. Keep­ing of images scanned from sources regard­less of the source is for­bid­den. Pic­tures may be in com­puter vari­a­tion, includ­ing color ones. All illus­tra­tions should really be linked to the text for the work.

Draw­ings, graphs, dia­grams, pic­tures put into the work must con­form to what’s needed for the state stan­dards. Draw­ings hav­ing a cus­tomwrit­ingsite com stamp could be placed just within the annex towards the work. Pic­tures, aside from the illus­tra­tion of appli­ca­tions, must be num­bered in Ara­bic numer­als through num­ber­ing, cross-section num­ber­ing within chap­ters is allowed.

If the fig­ure is the one, it really is indi­cated by “Fig­ure 1″ or “Fig. 1″). The phrase “fig­ure” as well as its title are sit­u­ated in the exact mid­dle of the line. It’s per­mit­ted to host illus­tra­tions within the chap­ter. In this case, the illus­tra­tion quan­tity is com­posed of the chap­ter num­ber together with illus­tra­tion num­ber, divided by a dot. As an exam­ple, Fig­ure 2.1. (the very first fig­ure asso­ci­ated with sec­tion that is sec­ond­chap­ter). Illus­tra­tions must have names and explana­tory infor­ma­tion (a cap­tur­ing text), that are put with the true quan­tity under the illustration.

Exam­ple: Fig.1.1. The pur­chase price mod­i­fi­ca­tion chart for the brand new item or Fig­ure 1 — Instru­ment details

The illus­tra­tions of each and every appli­ca­tion are sug­gested by a sep­a­rate num­ber­ing with Ara­bic numer­als by adding the apply­ing des­ig­na­tor before the digit. As an exam­ple, Fig­ure A.Z. When­ever refer­ring to illus­tra­tions, you ought to write “… rel­a­tive to Fig­ure 2″.

Usage of tables when you look at the course work

Tables can be used for bet­ter pres­ence and ease of con­trast of indi­ca­tors. The tables must be num­bered in Ara­bic numer­als by ordi­nal num­ber­ing inside the part. The amount ought to be posi­tioned in top of the right cor­ner asso­ci­ated with din­ing table header fol­low­ing the term “Table”.

The title asso­ci­ated with table, if avail­able, should mir­ror its con­tent, be exact, suc­cinct. The title regard­ing the table is posi­tioned under­neath the word “Table”, with out a para­graph inden­ta­tion, begins with a money page, the dot at the con­clu­sion of the name just isn’t set. Head­ings of table columns should focus on money let­ters, sub­head­ings should begin with low­er­case let­ters if the lat­ter obey the heading.

Rules for design of tables:

  • The table should always be put in the task just after the writ­ing by which it really is men­tioned for the first time, or regard­ing the page that is next. All tables must have rec­om­men­da­tions when you look at the work. At the ref­er­ence, it’s impor­tant to pub­lish the word “table” aided by the indi­ca­tor of their quantity.
  • The table ought to be put such that it is read with­out turn­ing the job. If such place­ment just isn’t fea­si­ble, the table is posi­tioned such that it could be read by switch­ing the ongo­ing work clockwise.
  • A table with a num­ber that is large of could be uti­lized in another sheet ( web page). When­ever you move the din­ing table, the table header ought to be dupli­cated. If the din­ing table header is large, it really is per­mit­ted not to ever repeat it: in this instance, you really need to num­ber the graphs and dupli­cate their num­ber­ing regard­ing the next web page. The title of this table is not duplicated.
  • The tables on the left, regard­ing the right and on the under­side are usu­ally bounded by lines. It is allowed to apply a font size in the din­ing table smaller com­pared to within the text.
  • Hor­i­zon­tal and straight lines delim­it­ing the rows for the din­ing table are allowed to not be held, if their absence does not com­pli­cate mak­ing use of the din­ing table.

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