What things to write into the part ‘about myself’ for the CV or resume. Examples

What things to write into the part ‘about myself’ for the CV or resume. Examples

You need to fol­low its strict struc­ture and fill in infor­ma­tion accord­ing to the pro­posed sec­tions when it comes to writ­ing a resume.

First, talk about you skill

List as much as five skills that are main. Remem­ber that the cri­te­rion “impor­tant — less impor­tant” depends upon the pro­fes­sion / posi­tion, which can be indi­cated into the title. That you get along well with chil­dren or you have a devel­oped artis­tic taste if it says “Econ­o­mist”, do not write. For this kind of place, you another qualities.

Exactly what can we say about myself addi­tion­ally? Examples:

  • I will be a dri­ver, i am aware a karate, I do not need bad habits, We keep good health and fit­ness for a daily foundation.
  • I am a dri­ver, i’ve a com­pe­tent speech, i could be entrusted because of the trans­port of VIP clients cus­tom writ­ings.
  • I am a mer­chan­diser with license, i could go around 5 objects in numer­ous ele­ments of the town for every day.

They are maybe not par­tic­u­lar tem­plates to make use of, but exam­ples — what infor­ma­tion that is addi­tional appli­cant pro­vides about him­self in order to raise the like­li­hood of find­ing a work.

The sen­tence that is third the “About me per­son­ally” block

Hav­ing stud­ied the “the­ory”, let us check out exam­ples for dif­fer­ent vocations


The dri­ving license of cat­e­gories B, C, D. Behind the wheel for fif­teen years. Not really a acci­dent that is sin­gle. I travel all over traf­fic jams with­out wast­ing time. I will be involved with repair of this vehi­cle. a thor­ough under­stand­ing of traf­fic rules. Pre­sentable appear­ance, con­stantly neat clothes.


Exper­tise in large, medium and busi­nesses that are small make use of clients (reg­is­tra­tion of invoices, mutual set­tle­ments), con­trol over the per­for­mance of this enter­prise; make use of con­trac­tors; expe­ri­ence of hold­ing sem­i­nars by career.


Front-end devel­oper. Lan­guages: HTML5 / CSS3 (Bootstrap3, less), ECMAScript 5 (JavaScript, Jquery), Word­Press, MySql. Ser­vices: GitHub, Bitbucket.


Con­nec­tion with work­ing together with kids and ado­les­cents aged 3 to 13 years; exper­tise in tutor­ing (Span­ish, French) for 8 years; higher edu­ca­tion that is ped­a­gog­i­cal pos­ses­sion of mod­ern devel­op­men­tal strate­gies. I know how to pre­pare. With­out bad habits.

Director’s assis­tant

Exper­tise in trav­el­ing abroad; con­nec­tion with work­ing together with the very first indi­vid­u­als of big com­pa­nies com­pany names; preser­va­tion of high effec­tive­ness in mul­ti­task­ing con­di­tions, 100% con­ser­va­tion of pri­vacy. Microsoft Office, CRM, 1C. Pleas­ant, com­pe­tent message.

Pecu­liar­i­ties of com­pos­ing accord­ing to the pro­fes­sion sphere

For tech­ni­cal voca­tions, such as for instance a pro­gram­mer, designer, engi­neer, adjuster, oper­a­tor, tai­lor yet oth­ers, par­tic­u­lar info is cru­cial: soft­ware, hard­ware, cer­tifi­cates and diplo­mas, prac­tices. The seller, the admin­is­tra­tor, the tutor and many oth­ers — besides the nar­row pro­fes­sional, com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills are impor­tant for pro­fes­sions con­nected with com­mu­ni­ca­tion — the sec­re­tary. For many occu­pa­tions per­sonal qual­i­ties are essen­tial: as an exam­ple, for the designer, cre­ativ­ity and cre­ative taste will be an advantage.

Record of skills and char­ac­ter­is­tics that have to be empha­sized within the area “About myself” into the resume, is based on the occu­pa­tion, the rel­e­vant skills which can be in demand right now. Make an effort to look at your­self through the eyes asso­ci­ated with the com­pany — which is why they can appre­ci­ate you. In the link between your con­clu­sions, count on the plan­ning asso­ci­ated with the appli­ca­tion or CV with its entirety while the fill­ing regard­ing the “About itself” block in specific.

Loca­tions to place infor­ma­tion on your­self? It is pro­vided by the sys­tem — usu­ally it’s the begin­ning of a resume if you post a resume on the Inter­net, the unit will be posted where. When­ever writ­ing an appli­ca­tion in Word or any other text edi­tor, posi­tion the “About me per­son­ally” block just after the career desired.

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