SAT Magic. In today’s Shelf Awareness, book publishing’s must-read, most fabulous newsletter that is daily

SAT Magic. In today's Shelf Awareness, book publishing's must-read, most fabulous newsletter that is daily

A mar­keter, pub­li­cist, edi­tor and pub­lisher, most recently at Harper­Stu­dio and Harper­Collins her book, The Per­fect Score Project: Uncov­er­ing the Secrets of the SAT, which Har­mony Books will pub­lish in Feb­ru­ary, is not just about her expe­ri­ence tak­ing the SAT seven times in one year or about the vast amount of SAT infor­ma­tion she presents that will be help­ful for stu­dents, their par­ents and guid­ance coun­selors for book indus­try vet­eran Deb­bie Stier. The guide is at heart about ‘the magic of learn­ing with my son,’ as she put it.

The Ideal Score Project started when Stier con­tem­plated her son’s col­lege options part­way through senior school. ‘He had trou­ble focus­ing,’ she said. ‘He was into hav­ing enjoy­able and sports that are doing. He also pos­sessed a lot of bad for­tune in senior school: he had mono and had con­cus­sions that are mul­ti­ple. He had B grades but no honor classes and not numer­ous activ­i­ties that are extracur­ric­u­lar. I knew he was smart, and I also thought the SAT will make him stand away a little.’

The two had cur­rently worked closely together when they both read every book ‘thou­sands of pages, includ­ing the Odyssey and Mark Twain,’ she said that her son was assigned the sum­mer before he used in Ford­ham Prep, Bronx, N.Y. ‘At the din­ning table at the end asso­ci­ated with day dis­cussing the books she said with him was magic.

In the way that is same Stier decided to help her son with the SAT process but for her, there have been no half mea­sures. She took the test seven times that year. (It’s offered seven times annu­ally.) With a lit­tle bit of under­state­ment, she stated, ’ a bit was got by me pos­sessed.’ How­ever it was a happy possession.

Study­ing for and tak­ing the SAT and try­ing to enhance her rat­ings had been enjoy­able, she said, ‘like doing a cross­word.’ Soon it was made by her fun for her son, too. (‘They resist at first, but they do like it.’) Her son ended up being addi­tion­ally helped by a com­pe­ti­tion that is bud­dyly a friend and did a prac­tice test every week­end as well as learn­ing with Stier. The result: he raised his score 540 points. Stier noted this with some pride, but then empha­sized the magic asso­ci­ated with the effort. ‘My son and I talked about pol­i­tics and lit­er­a­ture, and I also learned so much read­ing his essays,’ she said. More over, ‘he reached his poten­tial and expanded into a dri­ven young man.’

In terms of her own scores yes, she was count­ing dur­ing her seven tests in 2011, Stier raised her score 301 points over the results when she first took the SAT in 1982. In one asso­ci­ated with seven times, she was happy to acquire a per­fect 800 on the writ­ing part; she also scored a 760 in crit­i­cal read­ing. The math sec­tion was a dif­fer­ent tale. ‘I almost got the same rat­ing in math,’ she said, the course of which is that ‘no num­ber of test prep will help if you do not have solid skills.’

Dur­ing the pro­ce­dure, she unin­ten­tion­ally became an SAT expert, study­ing the annals of the SAT (which, until the ‘70s, the Col­lege Board adver­tised was an IQ test for which no study­ing was use­ful), the prep that is var­i­ous, includ­ing Kaplan and Prince­ton, tutor­ing issues and much more.

A role she has embraced through her blog, per​fectscore​pro​ject​.com, and some appear­ances, Stier quickly became a resource for stu­dents, par­ents and guid­ance coun­selors. ‘I like deal­ing with the SAT and help­ing peo­ple through a time that is stress­ful’ she stated. She had expected par­ents to be the audi­ence that is biggest, but ‘a good part of those on the inter­net site and who write me per­son­ally are kids.’ She’s also dis­cov­ered that among par­ents, more fre­quently fathers get the mes­sage of study­ing intensely for the SATs with their chil­dren. ‘It is time inten­sive, but it is incred­i­bly reward­ing and grat­i­fy­ing,’ she said. ‘Par­ents whom don’t study using their chil­dren are miss­ing most of the good material.’

Like any­one with guide busi­ness expe­ri­ence whom becomes an author, Stier has seen a dif­fer­ent side of things that seemed so sim­ple before. One exam­ple: blog­ging. ’ I want to apol­o­gize to all the writ­ers I have actu­ally told to blog she said with a laugh while they write. Although she blogged every day the year she took the SATs, she found it impos­si­ble to blog dur­ing the year and a half she ended up being writ­ing the guide because it was such an effec­tive dis­trac­tion from writ­ing. (She wound up ‘turn­ing off the phone, lock­ing myself within the base­ment, block­ing off the world,’ to fin­ish the book.)

A mar­keter at heart,’ Stier has also found it ‘hard to be regard­ing the other part rather than micro­man­age. I live three blocks away from my pub­lisher; I’ll try my best per­haps not to bug them.’ (Also, she said https://​essay​writer​foryou​.com/​h​o​w​-​t​o​-​f​o​r​m​a​t​-​b​i​o​l​o​g​y​-​l​a​b​-​r​e​p​o​rt/ that she’s all too aware that things have changed dra­mat­i­cally in mar­ket­ing since she left Harper in 2010.) She stated she actu­ally is blessed by the group at Har­mony Books, many of whom she’s worked with before or under­stands through the indus­try, includ­ing v-p and pub­lisher Tina Con­sta­ble, who was pres­i­dent for the PPA within the early ‘90s when Stier was v-p regard­ing the orga­ni­za­tion, and her edi­tor, Rick Hor­gan, with whom she worked in the belated ‘80s at Warner Books. ‘I love them,’ she said. ‘God is on my side. How lucky am I?’

Stier can be worked up about another aspect of the guide: the audio­book, which she will nar­rate. ’ I like audio, and I espe­cially love sound that’s read by the author.’ The nar­ra­tion will make her ‘relive the year,’ she stated. ‘It had been a hard 12 months, but a year that is great. I’ll remem­ber it, and my son won’t either.’

Ever the pub­lisher, Stier stated her guide about the SATs could score high for Har­mony. ‘Three mil­lion kids per are tak­ing the SAT,’ she said year. ‘It’s a group that keeps regen­er­at­ing. It’s a mar­ket that is ever­green of We can help.’

In a nice book­end to Stier’s tale, her son just began col­lege at Loy­ola Uni­ver­sity Mary­land, which both mother and son say is a superb fit for him an 800 out of a pos­si­ble 800. 

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