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E-mail notification

I’m exper­i­ment­ing with Subscribe2, an e-mail noti­fi­ca­tion ser­vice that will auto­mat­i­cally notify you (at the e-mail you used to reg­is­ter, or your update e-mail if that has changed) of any new posts at this blog. Since the blog is updated infre­quently this will avoid your hav­ing to check back to see if anything’s new. A […]

Still alive

I believe a cou­ple of new peo­ple have been added since the first post, so just a reminder that you will not see posts marked “pri­vate” unless you are logged in. (If you need a new pass­word, just let me know.) You can com­ment on any­thing you like, and you can also post, either writing […]

Known issues

There is an issue with the visual edi­tor Word­Press uses and Safari and Chrome browsers, which may eat the ini­tial cap­i­tal of your post and/or make it harder to post. I’ve installed WP-Typography to help with this. A workaround is to write your first para­graph in HTML mode.