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Outlining, again

Much as I hate “how to write” books that are not “Hi, I, an author you real­ly like, will muse about how I go about things,” because I am actu­al­ly a point where I can’t progress with­out out­lin­ing I reluc­tant­ly picked up a book about out­lin­ing nov­els. It’s not bad, though I find myself skipping […]

Still alive

I believe a cou­ple of new peo­ple have been added since the first post, so just a reminder that you will not see posts marked “pri­vate” unless you are logged in. (If you need a new pass­word, just let me know.) You can com­ment on any­thing you like, and you can also post, either writing […]

Nearly Mr. Gibbon

I hope to be adding oth­ers in the near future for writ­ing and com­ment­ing, but it’s pret­ty qui­et for now. Please com­ment or email if you’d like to be added.